EMMA HAWTHORNE: Had crush on Zach Norton in Book 1 and part of Book 2, had crush on Stewart Chadwick in Book 2, dated Stewart Chadwick in Book 3, and part of book 4, broke up with Stewart Chadwick in Book 4, got back together with Stewart Chadwick in Book 4, dated Stewart Chadwick in Book 5, currently dating (Book 6) Stewart Chadwick.

JESS DELANEY: Had crush on Darcy Hawthorne in Books 1, 2, 3 and 4. Dated Darcy Hawthorne in Book 5, Currently dating Darcy Hawthorne (Book 6).

MEGAN WONG: Had crush on Zach Norton in Books 1, 2 and 3, had crush on Simon Berkeley in Book 4, broke up with Simon Berkeley in Book 5, had crush on Phillipe (the cruise ship's captain's son) in Book 5. Single. Talked to Simon Berkeley on New Year's Eve. Gets back together with Simon Berkeley (somewhere in the middle of book 5 and 6). Currently dating Simon Berkeley (Book 6).

CASSIDY SLOANE: Got kissed by Zach Norton in book 3, had crush on Sam Parker in part of book 3, had a slight relationship with Tristan Berkeley in Book 4, had crush on Zach Norton in Book 5. Dates Zach Norton in book 5 and part of 6. Switches to Tristan Berkeley in the end of Book 6. Currently dating Tristan Berkeley (Book 6).

BECCA CHADWICK: Who doesn't Becca have a crush on? Book 1,2,3,4,5 Zach Norton.Flirted with many other boys including Phillipe and a boy named Brody (boy on ship). In book 6 meets up with Theo Rochestor, she likes him, he likes her. Never announces officially that she and Theo are dating, but implies. Currently dating (sort of-they talk on the phone all the time) Theo Rochester (Book 6).

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