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Emma Hawthorne is one of the main characters. She is the bookworm and aspiring writer of the group. She moves to England in the fourth book, Pies and Prejudice, but returns later in the book.

Emma Hawthorne
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Emma Hawthorne
Gender Female
Age 13 (The Mother-Daughter Book Club)

16 (Wish You Were Eyre)

Family Nicholas Hawthorne (father)
Phoebe Hawthorne (mother)
Darcy Hawthorne (older brother)
Romances Zach Norton (ex-crush)
Stewert Chadwick (boyfriend)

Emma as shown in the cover of the fourth book.

Personality & AppearanceEdit


Emma is described as a friendly bookworm who wants to be a poet/writer when she grows up. She is one of the newspaper editors, and in Pies & Prejudice, she writes a short fairytale which was inspired by her enemy, Annabelle Fairfax, or Stinkerbelle, as Emma and her friends call her. She is likeable and honest, and is usually the positive one of the group. She is noted to be a goody-goody and a know-it-all sometimes, because she's always the first one to raise her hand to answer a question. She used to be bullied by Becca in the first books, mainly because she wears hand-me-downs from a girl named Nicole Patterson since her family is on a tight budget. Since then, she can't stand up to them, until the fourth book. She happens to have some romance in books 2-6 with Becca's brother Stewart, after he holds her hand in the second book and kisses her later in the series.Edit


Emma has curly, short brown hair, which she grows out in book 4 when she is in England, brown eyes, and wears purple glasses, purple being her favorite color. In Dear Pen Pal, it is mentioned that she will get contact lenses, but in the fourth book, she still wears glasses. In The Mother Daughter Book Club, she used to be kind of overweight, but she lost weight in Much Ado About Anne by entering figure skating classes when Cassidy recomended figure skating to Emma, who was getting tired of Becca's bullying. She is average height. She loves to read mainly because her mother is a librarian. She takes interest in poetry.


Emma's best friend is Jess Delaney, but Emma recalls that she and Megan were really good friends as well, up until fifth grade, when Megan decided the Fab Four were cooler. She mentions that she and Megan used to play with Barbies every day after school and that Megan designed beautiful clothes for them. She used to have a crush on Zach Norton from kindergarten all the way up until sixth grade, and wrote a poem about him called Zach Attack in the first book. In the same book, Becca steals her journal, and reads the poem out loud in front of Zach and his friends. In the second book, she and Zach are now friends, and she develops a crush on Stewart Chadwick, Becca's brother, who holds her hand at the end of Much Ado About Anne, which grows into a relationship for the two. In Pies and Prejudice, she moves to England for a year, were she meets Lucy and Rupert, who has a crush on her, but later stops being friends with Rupert, considering him too polite and stand-offish. She becomes enemies with Annabelle Fairfax (Stinkerbelle), and they play mean pranks at each other throughout the book. One of them is when Annabelle makes Rupert stand under a mistletoe with Emma, forcing them to kiss. Annabelle snaps a picture about them, sends it to Stewart (who later finds out the truth about the kiss, and forgives Emma), and posts posters of the kiss all over Emma's new school. When Annabelle, Emma and Darcy come to visit, Megan takes a picture of Annabelle wearing ugly clothes, posts it on her blog and send it to Flashlite, a magazine where Wolfgang works. Annabelle finds out, telling everybody the identity of Fashionista Jane, which causes Megan to delete the blog. Annabelle and Emma are still enemies by the end of the book, so Emma sends the story of Stinkerbelle to a short fairytales book, and it gets published. Emma also develops a friendship in the third book with Eva Bergson, hers and Cassidy's skating coach. In the same book, Eva joins the book club thanks to Emma, and befriends all the girls. She adopts Pip when she sees that none of the girls can keep him, and lets Emma have it as hers. Eva passes away at the skating rink in the fourth book, and leaves money for the girls to spend extravagantly. They choose to go see Emma and her family in England. Emma also adopts Pip after that.She is now friends with all the girls in book club even Becca who tends to, at times,be  a friendly to all of them but is a lot towards the last couple of books.

Family Edit

Emma's mother is the one who came up with the idea of the Book Club, and always hands out folders in every meeting with facts about the author whose book they are reading. In the fourth book, Emma's parents house-swap with an English family, and Emma and her older brother, Darcy, move to England for a year with their parents. The Hawthornes recieved a kitten from the Delaney family in book 6, whom they named Lady Jane Grey, after a character in the Betsy Tacy series. The Hawthornes presently have 2 pets, Lady Jane Grey and Pip, a little golden lab who came into the series in book 3. Melville, the Hawthornes' old cat, passed in between books 4 and 5. Emma quotes that her mother says not to be sad about Melville, and that he lived a long, wonderful life, but that Mrs. Hawthorne seemed to miss Melville the most. Although everyone was sad when Mel (Jess gave him that nickname) died, he still waited for them to come back from England. Emma is very close to her mother, and gets along well with her brother, Darcy, who's very athletic.

Mother: Phoebe Hawthorne

Father: Nick Hawthorne

Brother: Darcy Hawthorne


-On Pies & Predjudice, Emma has straight hair, but she actually has curly hair in the book.

-Emma wants to be a poet, and in book 2 was called Porky the Poet.

-Emma is the only daughter in the book club with glasses

-Emma is supposedly "overweight" but does not look that way on the cover

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