Dylan and Ryan Delaney
Vital statistics
Names Dylan and Ryan
Gender Both Male
Age 5-12
Family Shannon Delaney (mother)

Michael Delaney (father)
Jessica Delaney (older sister)

Pets Sugar (dog)

Spice (dog)
Led (horse)
Zep (horse)
Many chickens

Romances {{{romances}}}
Affiliations Half Moon Farm
Dylan and Ryan Delaney are supporting characters in the series. They are the sons of Michael Delaney and Shannon Delaney and the brothers of Jessica Delaney.

Personality Edit

They are known to be troublemakers and love to spy on Jess and her friends. They are also usually behind the practical jokes around the Delaney household, such as putting a chicken in the pantry and switching the book club's Secret Santa gifts.

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