The Mother-Daughter Book Club is the first book in the series of the same name.

Characters Edit

Hawthorne FamilyEdit

Emma Hawthorne

Phoebe Hawthorne

Nicholas Hawthorne

Darcy Hawthorne

Melville (cat)

Delaney FamilyEdit

Jessica Delaney

Shannon Delaney

Michael Delaney

Dylan Delaney

Ryan Delaney

Sloane FamilyEdit

Cassidy Ann Sloane

Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid

David Sloane (deceased)

Courtney Sloane

Stanley Kinkaid (stepfather)

Chloe Kinkaid (stepsister)

Wong FamilyEdit

Megan Rose Wong

Lily Wong

Jerry Wong

Gigi Chen

Chadwick FamilyEdit

Rebecca Chadwick

Calliope Chadwick

Stewart Chadwick

Henry Chadwick

Berkeley Family Edit

Tristan Berkeley Edit

Simon Berkeley

Sinclair Family Edit

Savannah Sinclair

Poppy Sinclair

Senator Sinclair


Ashley Sanborne

Jennifer Webster

Zachary Norton

Ethan McDonald

Cranfield Bartlett III

Eva Bergson

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