Cassidy Ann SloaneEdit

Cassidy Ann Sloane
Vital statistics
Names Cassidy Sloane
Gender Female
Age 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16...
Family Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid (mother)

David Sloane (father)
Stanley Kinkaid (step-father)
Courtney Sloane (older sister)
Chloe Kinkaid (younger half-sister)

Pets Murphy
Romances Tristan Berkeley (love interest)

Zach Norton (ex-boyfriend)

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Cassidy Ann Sloane is one of the main characters in the Mother-Daughter Book Club series. She used to live in Laguna Beach, California, but moved to Hubbard Street, Concord when her father died in a car accident, and her mother, Clementine Sloane, wanted to be closer to her family. Cassidy is the tomboy of the book club. She is a jock and plays hockey and baseball, at first playing both sports on boys' teams, but in the fourth book, Pies and Prejudice, she begins to play hockey on an all girls team, the Lady Shawmuts. She is witty and strong and sticks up for her friends, Emma Hawthorne, Jessica Delaney , Megan Rose Wong, and Rebecca Chadwick, whenever they are in need.

Personality & AppearanceEdit


Cassidy is the tomboy of the group. She loves sports and is considered as "one of the boys" because she is such good friends with boys such as Zach Norton, Ethan McDonald, and Cranfield "Third" Bartlett lll. Cassidy loves to prank people (especially Becca Chadwick) and plays lots of practical jokes throughout the series. In the second book, Much Ado About Anne, it is revealed that she likes photography, and she joins the newspaper committee in Walden Middle School as a photographer. She has a shaky relationship with her mother, Clementine Sloane, but throughout the books, it deepens. In the third book, Dear Pen Pal, a girlier Cassidy starts to surface at the ending, when the girls go to visit their penpals in Wyoming. She seems to develop a small crush on Sam, her penpal's brother. She herself confirms it in the fourth book, Pies and Prejudice, though she is still the same old Cassidy.


Cassidy has red hair, grey eyes, a turn-up nose, and freckles, which is why Jess compares her personality and appearance with Anne Shirley in Much Ado About Anne. Megan notes that she would be pretty if she took more effort and consideration into her appearance. Cassidy frequently forgets to brush her hair, to use deodorant or change shirts after hockey, etc. It is noted that she always looks like she is on the verge of laughing. She is also very tall, because of her mother. It is said in the books that she looks a lot like her biological father, David Sloane, who also had red hair.

Cassidy, as shown on the cover of the second book.


Cassidy is best friends with Jess Delaney, Emma Hawthorne, Megan Wong, and sometimes Becca Chadwick. In the first two books, she is very good friends with Zach Norton, but their friendship becomes shaky in the third book, when he steals a kiss from her. Cassidy throws her baseball glove at him afterwards, leaving him with a black eye. But in the fourth book, it is shown that they are friends once again. Cassidy is shown to be friends with almost all the boys, even with the older brothers, Darcy Hawthorne (who helped her to secretly get in the hockey team with Jess and Emma, and gets in huge trouble afterwards) and Stewart Chadwick (who she gives hockey lessons to).  

In the third book, she becomes friends with Sam and Owen, her pen pal Winky Parker's brothers, and develops a crush on Sam, though it doesn't become a serious relationship. In Pies and Prejudice, she becomes friends with Simon Berkeley, the son of the Professor Berkeley, who house-swapped with the Hawthorne family. At first, she becomes instant enemies with Tristan Berkeley , Simon's older brother and whom she quickly dubs Tristan Jerkeley and the Duke of Puke, but after helping him with his figure skating competition, they become friends. Later, during the regency ball at Chawton House, Tristan and Cassidy chase each other around the lawn and he catches her and kisses her. During Home for the Holidays, Cassidy struggles in not knowing if she prefers Tristan or Zach. In Wish You Were Eyre, she dates Zach Norton, but she then breaks up with him, saying she only wants to be friends. When he comes to visit Concord, Tristan kisses Cassidy for the second time in the ice skating rink, the first being in England at the Regency Ball. Megan hints a relationship between the two in the last chapter of book 6. She also becomes friends with Sophie Fairfax and patches things up with Annabelle Fairfax, Sophie's cousin. 

Family Edit

At the beginning of the series, it is shown that she and her mother, who is a former model, have a shaky relationship, mostly because of the personality differences, and Cassidy's father's death. But the mother-daughter relationship mends, thanks to the Book Club. She has an older sister, Courtney , who has blonde hair and blue eyes, just like her mother, and leaves to college in the fourth book, to UCLA. In the second book, her mother marries Stanley Kinkaid, who at first she hates, but after giving him a chance and finding what they have in common (hockey, baseball, etc.), they become friends. Towards the end of Dear Pen Pal Cassidy gets a new baby sister named Chloe Kinkaid whom Cassidy named.

Mother: Clementine Sloane-Kinkaid

Father: David Sloane (deceased)

Stepfather: Stanley Kinkaid

Sister: Courtney Sloane

Half-Sister: Chloe Kinkaid

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